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President Trump was the first President in modern history to say mass shooters have a mental illness and it is not because of guns (guns don't kill people, people kill people), and that more federal funds are needed to address an ongoing and growing epidemic of mental illness in our society to help the younger generation.

But as usual, the compromised mass media news twisted his remarks.


Joe Biden then took the baton and said under his watch that mass shooting is caused by guns, attacking our 2nd Amendment and echoing what other modern Presidents wanted for an authoritarian government, disarming the citizens and ignoring the mental health crises.

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I get it that President Trump has to address things gradually.

Much of modern "mental illness" is deliberate poisoning. "Vaccines", GMOs, fluoride, pharmaceuticals both "legal" and "illegal" (with the same goal, from the same forces), and much more. Mass media and "schools" throw gasoline on all that.

See Jon Rappoport's excellent, "Exposing psychiatry as a fraud from top to bottom"


Mike Adams has a related article on the slippery slope of "mental illness", “Psychiatry goes insane: Every human emotion now classified as a mental disorder in new psychiatric manual DSM-5"


Someday I'll write a Post on the Orwellian nightmare that is being rolled out under the guise of "mental health". The homeless are targeted, dissenters are targeted just like in the USSR, schools, "child protective services", "adult protective services", "mental health courts", etc etc etc. It's not for our good, it's all for our control. And eradication.

Oh, and MK-ULTRA never ended, it just went deeper into hiding. That's a whole separate area, and there are books on the subject so on that I may just cite some of the better ones.

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